Akella, Unchallenged Leader
Akella, Unchallenged Leader
Race Beast
Gender Male
Type Attacker
Skill Double Bite IV

(On attack, 50% chance)

Attacks enemies 3 times per turn

Creature Overview: Edit

Akella, Unchallenged Leader is a cheap, low-level Attacker, although not that strong by itself, in combination with Graugt's aura is capable of 6 attacks per turn. Wolves also frequent many of the game's areas; making them very easy to collect in number to be Reborn into Lion Lions.

Stats: Edit

1 920 652 48 63 10
15 1288 912 67 88 14

Can be Found: Edit

Low chance:

Rebirths Into: Edit

Lion From Hell Young Lion

Evolution Material for: Edit

A Witch's Curse Darkshire Restless Nightmare Black Desert Monster THE Deadly Widow Morgan, The Witch Darkshire Dash, Midnight Horror Manticore From The Inferno Sir Richard, The Harbinger

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Wolf Dark Thicket =Young Wolf+Young Wolf
Volkolak Cannibal =Wolf Dark Thicket+Wolf Dark Thicket+Green Egg Mal
Akella, Unchallenged Leader =Volkolak Cannibal+Volkolak Cannibal+Animated Mushroom+Purple Slug+Black And Red Frog
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