Amber Scorpion
Amber Scorpion
Race Beast
Gender Male
Type Stout
Skill Weakening Poison I

(On attack)

Steals 4% DEF from enemies

Creature Overview: Edit

The Amber Scorpion is a good tank for PvE, his DEF can continue to grow, particularly effective hitting Defenders. Over time the Amber Scorpion will become a combination of Stout and Defender, giving him high HP, REG and DEF making him a very formidable tank.

Stats: Edit

1 2710 189 33 73 78
40 3387 237 42 92 97

Can be Found: Edit

High chance: None

Low chance: Wild Place 5/5 x1

Rebirths from: Edit

Queen of hornets:

Queen Hornets

Evolution Material for: Edit

Kenshiro, Leader of the storm clan XI

Maris, the ocean Archmage X

Azur, elemental seer XI

Fenneca, the redhead Broodmother XI

Izenna, north quenn XI

Tenebris, the black archmage XI

Sir Lancelot, paladin of light X

Autum fallen avenger X

Circe the reaiity courruptor X

Ignus, the hellfire archmage X

Abaddon, the immortal defender XI

Babrog the harbinger of victory X

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Sandy Cub =Amber Scorpion+Amber Scorpion
Sand Scorpion =Sandy Cub+Sandy Cub+Brown-Green Frog+Big Poison Hornet
Weakeningscorpion =Sand Scorpion+Sand Scorpion+Crazy Cactus+White Egg Small+Green Frog
Desert Sand Monster =Weakeningscorpion+Weakeningscorpion+Wilhelm, Single-Eyed Sniper+

Blue golden frog IX

+Blue Slug X
Sand Monster Of Weakness =Desert Sand Monster+Desert Sand Monster+Angry Oxidizing Spider+
Boiling SlugX+Brown green toad IX
Sand Monster Of WeaknessIX =Sand Monster Of Weakness+Queen Widows+Predatory Mushroom Leader+
White egg X+Boiling SlugX
Sand10 =Sand Monster Of WeaknessIX+Ophelia Lost In Eternity+Disciple Of Water+
Vampire egg+Purple slug
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