Aydrien, The Last Sniper
Aydrien, The Last Sniper
Race Human
Gender Female
Type Ranged
Skill Piercing Shots V

(On attack)

Attacks 3 tiles in a row with 100% damage to each subsequent enemy

Creature Overview: Edit

Forest Archer is one of the more useful Ranged units, her ability, Piercing Shots, lets her shoot through enemies makes her good at taking out weaker units hiding behind enemy tanks. Her ability also allows her to take out multiple units when advancing in PvE leaving fewer enemies to engage.

Stats: Edit

1 423 444 50 17 7

Can be Found: Edit

Evolution Material for: Edit

  • Mr. Boom, The Crazy Pyrotechnist VII
  • Zan Gul, The Dead Ripper VIII
  • Dang, The Red Abbot IX
  • Cerberus, Guardian Of Hades IX
  • Grein The Lightbringer IX
  • Rotael, The Punisher Of The Fallen IX
  • Havi, Tree Of Wisdom Avatar IX
  • Mar'grat, Ogres' Nightmare IX
  • Pando Kahn, Dragon Warrior IX
  • Mr. Crabs, Diamond Shell IX
  • Zak Zak, Skullcrusher IX
  • Maris, The Ocean Archmage X
  • Keeper Of The Ancient Forests X
  • Master Adar, The Harbinger X
  • Enchantress Sibilla, The Harbinger X
  • Akachi The Soul Cleaver X
  • Khan Kergan, The Harbinger XI

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Elven Archer =Forest Archer+Forest Archer
Elf Sniper =Elven Archer+Elven Archer+Killer Wasp+Black Frog
Green Thicket Archer =Elf Sniper+Elf Sniper+Elusive Swarm+Green Egg Small+Brown Slug
Aydrien, The Last Sniper =Green Thicket Archer+Green Thicket Archer+Big Poison Hornet+White Egg Small+Voracious Slug
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