Fog battle

Battle is turn-based and consists of 2 parts:

  • Manual part where player can move creatures in any of 15 army slots; select a priority target to attack (double-click on enemy); collect resources, souls or runes; drop rune on self creature or enemy creature; use any item from bottom panel; open soul cage and release unnecessary soul; inspect self or enemy creature; leave battle.
  • Automatic part where each creature attacks in order of their SPD. On player turn whole army moves forward if no obstacles interfere (enemy creature, tower etc.). Player's creatures attack priority target (if selected), if not — attack first one within sight. From multiple targets in range attack goes on creature that is in straight line in front of player's creature. Enemy creatures attack with same tactic but from multiple targets in range attack goes on weakest creature. If enemy creature can't attack anyone (it has no any creature(s) in sight) then it moves one cell forward (usually moves up or down). If a creature steps on rune (power rune or skull rune) this rune then automatically applies to this creature (boosts this creature or damages it). If a creature steps on soul then soul gets in soul cage but not appears in army slot. You automatically pickup a loot if a creature steps on it. If a power rune leaves battlefield (you move your army forward as power rune stays on the left side of the screen) then rune disapear; soul(s) and loot collects automatically; enemy dies.


Fog auto-battle

You can select target to attack even if auto-battle is in progress. You can switch to auto-battle by clicking on the icon to the left of "Move" button. By clicking on it you can't move your army or drop runes. If you use Timeturners then you have increased attack of your creatures (x10) and the battle goes much faster (helps with guild raids.) You can activate auto-battle only after you have already completed the stage.

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