Fog castle2

Castle — is another map with some buildings on it. Each building must first be captured then rebuilt and after that you can upgrade it and gain profit. Capturing a building consists of 1 — 3 steps (stages) and costs 20 meat (Alchemist's Shop is free). If a building is not fully captured, then you can repeat your completed stages to capture grade II — III creatures. When you capture a building you lose opportunity to complete these stages.

Fog upgrade

Rebuild and Upgrade costs resources (gold, wood or stone) and time (or gems if you want to speedup the process). Every next upgrade costs more and takes more time to complete. Each building's rank has its own requirements to player's rank. You can Build or Upgrade building one at a time.

Building's ProfitEdit

Alchemist's Shop increases the power of consumables (Health Potion, Iron Shield, Blade of Honor, Falcon Wing, Vital Fang) and runes (Health Rune, Shield Rune, Attack Rune, Speed Rune and Regeneration Rune)

Fog pandemonium

Animal Mansion, Human's Barracks and Pandemonium increases characteristics.(Animal Mansion is for "Beast", Human's Barracks are for "Human", Pandemonium is for "Demon"). By research you can increase health, attack or defence in PvP; evolve and fuse price; fuse exp and megafuse exp bonus. Every research costs glory. Maximum researches in specific building depend on building's rank. You can do research one at a time in every building (or spend gems to speedup).

Fog gem cave

Gold Mine, Sawmill, Gem Cave and Stone Mine give you an income (Gold, Wood, Gems and Stone respectively). Click on building to collect your resource. Income grows every 10 minutes (for gems it goes slower) and stops if it hits limit (increase your building's rank to increase limit).

Citadel does nothing itself but each building's next rank requires higher Citadel's rank. By clicking on Citadel you can access to each of your buildings.


Fog indicators

Green bar with numbers — research or rebuild is in action.

Exclamation point — research or rebuild complete. Click on building to activate.

Resource sign — you can collect income from building.

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