Ranged are usually the only units that can attack at a distance. Most of them have RNG 2 but some have RNG 3. Ranged have decent ATK but low HP and DEF.

Tier 1 Roy Young Dead Archer Yellow Hornet Young Archer
Tier 2 Church Servant Forest Archer Phantom Girl Revived Plant Scary Spider Bonescratcher Old Bombcrafter
Small Goblin Sticky Spider Wild Flower Young Widow Fed Pudge Ugly Raider
Tier 3 Disciple Of Earth Disciple Of Fire Disciple Of Night Disciple Of Thunder Disciple Of Water Necromancer's Disciple
Hangyouku Fiery Maiden Orcish Witch Shaman Disciple The Restless Spirit Witch Disciple
Wood Nymph Young Prophetess Enchantress Snowling Raven Transform
Tier 5 Storm Dragon Green Dragon Winter Dragon Fireghost Young Jinn
Winged Vixen Frozen Grampa Petulant Pumpkin Frostheart
Warlord Adar The Igneous Lady Alaniel The Sylvan Morgana The Raven Ororo The Tomer Of Nature Lilith The Ethernal Sinner

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