Crazy Cactus
Crazy Cactus
Race Beast
Gender Male
Type Attacker
Skill Acupuncture II

(On attack)

Splashes 35% damage to target's neighbours

Creature Overview: Edit

The Young Cactus is a powerful Beast Attacker, his Acupuncture ability makes him good at damaging a lot of enemies with each attack. Particularly useful for injuring enemy Ranged units behind enemy defences.

Stats: Edit

1 736 371 38 46 9

Can be Found: Edit

High chance:

  • Fall's Canyon 4
  • Infernal Volcano 1
  • Archaelogy Camp 3
  • The Originals 4
  • Lake Martyrs 5
  • Slaver 1
  • Ruined Temple 3

Low chance:

  • Rage Of Death 1
  • Assassin 1
  • Ruins 3
  • Infernal Volcano 3
  • Gnalu Village 1
  • Over The Abyss 1

Evolution Material for: Edit

  • Weeping Ogre Horror V
  • Weakening Scorpion VI
  • Sergeant Thunder VI
  • Wrath Of Nature VI
  • Horrible Basilisk VI
  • Great Master VI
  • Shaman Assistant VI
  • Crab From The Middle Sea VI
  • Graceful Assassin VI
  • Crouching In The Night VI
  • Hell Hound VI

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Crazy Cactus =Young Cactus+Young Cactus
Cactus Warrior =Crazy Cactus+Crazy Cactus+Poison Hornet+Purple Slug
Cactus Assassin =Cactus Warrior+Cactus Warrior+Militant Fungus+Green Egg Small+Black Frog
Mexican Spikeshooter =Cactus Assassin+Cactus Assassin+Militant Amanita+White Frog+Black Egg Small
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