Dark Sapling
Dark Sapling
Race Demon
Gender Male
Type Defender
Skill Sharp Branches I

(Aura with range 1)

Friendly demons return 30% damage to enemies

Creature Overview: Edit

Stats: Edit

1 592 84 483 22 4

Can be Found: Edit

High chance:

  • On The Other Side 5

Low chance:

  • Dead Swamp 2
  • Dark Night 4
  • On The Other Side 1
  • Turn 5
  • Ancient Rest 1, 5
  • Shadow Labyrinth 5
  • Ruins Of Bastion 1, 5

Evolution Material for: Edit


Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Dark Forest Tree =Dark Sapling+Dark Sapling
Darkwood Defender =Dark Forest Tree+Dark Forest Tree+Egg Snake Warrior Small+Phosphorus Mushroom
Huorn, The Thicket Guardian =Darkwood Defender+Darkwood Defender+Egg Vampire Small+Purple Slug+Dead Pig Bonecrusher
Ancient Horror Of The Darkwood =Huorn, The Thicket Guardian+Huorn, The Thicket Guardian+Boiling Slug+Green Frog+Elite Archer
Ancient Horror Of The DarkwoodVII =Distraught Colonel Flower+White Frog+Black Egg Small+Archibald, Bloodless Sniper
Ancient Horror Of The DarkwoodVIII =Vlad, Lord Of The Vampires+Brown Slug+Egg Snake Warrior Small+Akella, Unchallenged Leader
Ancient Horror Of The DarkwoodIX =Mexican Spikeshooter+Purple Slug+Black Frog+Raynar, King Of Thieves
Ancient Horror Of The DarkwoodX =Undead Orcish Hero+Black And Red Frog+White Egg Small+Queen Hornets
Ancient Horror Of The DarkwoodXI =Orcish ColonelVII+Boiling Slug+Egg Snake Warrior Small+Wilhelm, One-Eyed Sniper
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