What are Evo-materials?Edit

Evo materials are needed for nearly every evolution. Only the most basic evolutions can be done without them.

There are 3 different kinds of Evo materials:

  • Eggs

  • Frogs
  • Oozies

These are avaiable in 7 colors and two sizes each.

Additionally there is one Rainbow version of each kind, big size only.

How to get Evo-materials?Edit

Evo materials can be obtained in different ways.

1. Daily Portal

Eggs, Toads and Oozies can be farmed in the Evo zones in the daily sector. You can complete it any number of times. Access to each zone is limited by a certain day of week. (Unlock on other days costs 50 gems)

  • Monday and Thursday — Eggs.
  • Tuesday and Friday — Toads.
  • Wednesday and Saturday — Oozies.
  • Sunday — Eggs, Toads, Oozies and Rare Evo.

Each Evo-material zone has 3 difficulty levels: Normal, Heroic and Champion. Cost for Normal difficulty stage — 20 meat, for Heroic — 30 meat and Champion — 40 meat. Rare Evo zone has one Champion difficulty stage with Eggs, Toads or Oozies at your choice, that costs 50 meat.

Daily updates at 00:00 UTC/GMT +3

(copied from Daily Portal)

2. Evo Crypt

In the premium crypt area you can find an Evo Crypt, currently 5 random materials for 99 gems.

3. Rainbow Lair

The best source for rainbow materials. In the guild raid sector you can find the Rainbow's Lair, more information on the wiki page.

4. Evolving

Most Evo materials (no rainbow, no basics) can be evolved.

Evolutions of Evo-materialsEdit

Most Evo-materials can be evolved. This does not include only

  • Rainbow materials - these are too valuable and rare to be obtained by evolving. Get them in Rainbow's Lair or Evo Crypt
  • Basic materials

The following evolutions allow to get every other Evo-material:

  • 5 small Evo-materials of a kind can be used to evolve the big version.
  • Basic materials (obtained in the normal daily stage) can be evolved into a "key material"
  • Key material (obtainable in heroic daily stage) can be evolved with basic materials for other heroic materials of the same kind
  • Key material with other heroic materials can be evolved to champion materials

The following charts show the evolution paths, basic, heroic, champion and key materials. Every small-to-small evolution is made with 2 ingredients only (one of each).

  • Eggs


  • Frogs
  • Oozies


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