The best way to level up your creatures is using Shadows.

When you fuse creature with other creature or shadow, the resulting exp boost will rely on following factors:

- Fused creature rank.

- Fused creature exp. Maxed out creature provides double the normal exp compared to 1 level when fused. This is unavailable for shadows since they don't gain exp.

- Elite percentage. The provided exp will be increased by the same percentage.

You can further increase the exp for fuse by advancing the corresponding building in your Castle.

Fusing the creature with another one of its race (including shadows) is called Megafuse. Exp from Megafuse is increased by 50% or 100% during special Megafuse event. Special event is carried out weekly on sundays and mondays.

Shadow rank Exp for nonelite shadow Exp for elite shadow Approximate exp for megafuse elite shadow during megafuse event with castle upgrades for rank 100-120 player
1 25 000 32 500 97 000
2 65 000 84 500 250 000
3 240 000 312 000 930 000
4 480 000 624 000 1 800 000
6 960 000 1 248 000 3 700 000

Comparing to creatures fusing a nonelite tier 2 creature without bonuses will provide 10 500 exp, or up to 60 000 exp with castle upgrades and megafuse event.

It's good tactics to fuse non-upgraded non-elite creatures on the early stages but later fusing shadows is the most effective. The only exception to this is fusing hybrids who provide almost the same exp as shadows.

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