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Food (or Meat) is a primary resource to engage in PvE battles.

Your meat maximum depends on you Rank. You start with 40 max meat and gain 2 to 10 increase when you reach certain rank. So you'll have around 150 max meat at Rank 100 and so on.

The word "maximum" is not fully correct since it affects only regaining meat with time. If you gain meat above your maximum number by other means, you still get this meat.

How to get:[]

  • You automatically regain one meat every 2 minutes until you reach your maximum number.
  • You automatically restored to maximum meat when increasing your Rank.
  • Juicy Meat is an Item, that grant you with 15 meat. The Hearty Meal Item restores your number of meat to maximum.
  • Once per day you can send a gift of 5 meat to each of your friends. So you generally gain 5 meat per active friend you have every day.
  • When you finish PvE battle on a "Normal" difficulty for the first time, you gain a gift of 10 meat. Important note!: you gain 10 meat bonus only if all of your creatures are alive by the end of a battle. Though if some of your creatures died in battle you can revive them and still get a 10 meat bonus.
  • If you finish Hell Kitchen demon Trial, you'll gain 50 meat reward.
  • Some normal and daily Quests provide you with small numbers of meat.
  • VIP rewards.

Where to spend:[]

  • You spend meat to enter a Map level. Entering a map level usually costs 20 meat but some low-level stages cost 15 or 10 meat.
  • Entering a Gold Mine, Shadow's Castle, Training Yard and Mystic Dungeon on a Daily Portal costs 10 meat.
  • Entering Evo-Material stages on a Daily portal costs 20 meat for a 1 level stage, 30 meat for a 2 level stage and 40 meat for a 3 level stage. Entering Rare-Evo stage costs 50 meat.

If you lose the stage you don't get your meat back. If you leave stage right after entering or after moving one (and only one) step forward, the meat is returned to you.