Gems are one of the primary game resources.

How to gain:Edit

  • You can buy gems in Bank for real money.
  • If you buy Premium you'll recieve daily gem reward.
  • You gain gems for daily quests. For example you recieve 4 gems for every daily quest, and some epic quests award you with thouzands of gems at once.
  • You'll get a small amount of gems occasionally on levels. You gain 10 gems on average this way. This can go down on seasonal events when random gem drop is replaced with seasonal resource drop.
  • You gain gems for first finishing map levels on a Normal difficulty. Some gems are placed on a different map sites.
  • Gem Cave in your Castle will provide you with a small amount of gems on a daily basis.
  • Some tourney prizes for Diamond League, compensation for errors, gifts from devs and other unmentioned rewards.

Where to spend:Edit

  • You spend gems primarily for opening Ruby, Amber, Evo and Shadow X3 crypts as well as event crypts.
  • To increase army space (up to 1200 army slots).
  • To speed up Castle building and upgrading.
  • You use them instead of gold, wood, stone or glory when you don't have enough.
  • To refresh or unlock levels in Daily Portal.
  • To buy Items.
  • To donate for Guild. This helps to advance guild levels.
  • To buy special guild crystals (Void, Life, and Fire).
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