Ghost Girl
Phantom Girl
Race Demon
Gender Female
Type Ranged
Skill Depletion I

(On attack)

Decreases enemies HP for 30%

Creature Overview: Edit

Ghost Girl's overall stats may be low, but her speciality skill Depletion make her one of the most powerful ranged in the game, shearing enemy HP even when regular attacks fail. Ghost Girl's is useful against every monsters and particularly effective late game, when DEF stats start to increase. Can work on boss with low chance (<10%).

Stats: Edit

1 224 30 31 11 4
25 280 37 39 14 5

Can be Found: Edit

High chance:

Low chance:

Evolution Material for: Edit


Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Phantom Lady =Phantom Girl+Phantom Girl
Lady From Beyond =Phantom Lady+Phantom Lady+Wasp Swarm+Swamp Slug
Restless Phantom Lady =Lady From Beyond+Lady From Beyond+Big Poison Hornet+Egg Vampire Small+Black And Red Frog
Ophelia Lost In Eternity =Restless Phantom Lady+Restless Phantom Lady+Militant Fungus+White Frog+Boiling Slug
Ophelia Lost In EternityVII =Vengeful Hobgoblin+Black Frog+Egg Snake Warrior Small+Lord Debussy, Duel&#039;s God
Ophelia Lost In EternityVIII =Rotael, Punisher Of The Fallen+Voracious Slug+Black Egg Small+Hardy, Leader Of The Skeleton
Ophelia Lost In EternityIX =Angry Sticky Giant+Purple Slug+Black And Red Frog+Wilhelm, One-Eyed Sniper
Ophelia Lost In EternityX =Distraught General Rostock+Green Frog+Egg Snake Warrior Small+Predatory Chief Mukhomorov
Ophelia Lost In EternityXI =Rotael, Punisher Of The FallenVII+White Frog+Green Egg Small+Aradan, Great Smith
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