Ghost Warrior
Ghost Warrior
Race Demon
Gender Male
Type Defender
Skill Fear of Death I

(Being attacked, 27% chance)

Stuns enemies for 2 turns

Creature Overview: Edit

Ghost Warrior is a great Demon tank, his ability to stun any unit that attacks him will leave them defenceless for several turns after it activates. This means he can neutralise a group of enemy combatants all by himself.

Stats: Edit

1 963 307 846 72 9
40 1203 384 1058 90 11

Can be Found: Edit

High chance: None

Low chance:

Rebirths from: Edit

Till, archon of the wild:

Ghost Bringer Death

Evolution Material for: Edit

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Ethereal Swordsman =Ghost Warrior+Ghost Warrior
Fleshless Knight =Ethereal Swordsman+Ethereal Swordsman+Old Tusked Boar+Purple Slug
Chain Clattering In The Night =Fleshless Knight+Fleshless Knight+Devout Chaplain+White Frog+Boiling Slug
Master Of The Order Of The Dead =Chain Clattering In The Night+Chain Clattering In The Night+Raynar, King Of Thieves+

Yellow Ooze

+Scorpion EggIX
Sir Arthur, Palladin SilenceVIII =Master Of The Order Of The Dead+Master Of The Order Of The Dead+Old Black Widow+
Black-Red ToadIX+Swamp slugIX
Sir Arthur, Palladin Silence =Sir Arthur, Palladin SilenceVIII+Infernal Imp+Phosphorus Poison Mushroom+
Black EggX+Green ToadX
Sir Arthur, Palladin SilenceX =Sir Arthur, Palladin Silence+Queen Widows+Disciple Of Thunder+
Vampire egg+Purple slug
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