Fog gold

Gold is one of the game primary resources.

How to gain:Edit

  • For PvE Combat. Creatures will drop random amount of coins, and each level has it's fixed amount of gold in chests. You gain additional gold for Premium.
  • For completing Gold Mine and Mystic Dungeon on a Daily Portal.
  • For Mystic Treasury Trial.
  • For selling creatures.
  • Gold Mine in your Castle provide daily amount of gold depending on its level.
  • You gain gold for PvP. By attacking anybody you'll robe him for 500 gold per his Rank but no more that 1% of his total funds.
  • For Win Streak in PvP.
  • For the Legend Mine guild raid.
  • For Daily Quests.

Where to Spend:Edit

  • To Evolve creatures.
  • To Fuse creatures.
  • To build castle buildings to initial level.
  • You lose gold under attacks of other players in PvP. This gold can be returned by Revenge.
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