Horrible Rusty Giant
Horrible Rusty Giant
Race Beast
Gender Male
Type Ranged
Skill Oxidizing Web V

(On attack)

Ignores 100% DEF of enemies

Creature Overview: Edit

The Horrible Rusty Giant's ability, Oxidizing Web is particularly useful against Defenders or units with large bonuses to stats where other units are unable to leave a scratch. Being able to ignore DEF allows the Horrible Rusty Giant to deal its ATK value in damage.

Stats: Edit

1 380 376 59 23 9
99 541 535 84 32 12

Can be Found: Edit

Not Farmable

Evolution Material for: Edit

Iola, The WindsongIX Ignus, Archmage HellfireX Spitting Desert MonsterX Kariya, The Great Forest NymphX Shogun, The Immortal SamuraiX Sir Richard, The HarbingerXII Sorceress Morgana, The HarbingerXII

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Oxidizing Spider =Scary Spider+Scary Spider
Angry Oxidizing Spider =Oxidizing Spider+Oxidizing Spider+Fencing Master+Egg Vampire Small
Rusty Arachnid =Angry Oxidizing Spider+Angry Oxidizing Spider+Shaking Skeleton+Brown-Green Frog+Egg Vampire Small
Horrible Rusty Giant =Rusty Arachnid+Rusty Arachnid+Volkolak Cannibal+White Frog+White Egg Small
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