Infernal Imp
Infernal Imp
Race Demon
Gender Male
Type Attacker
Skill Hellrage V

(On attack)

Increases self ATK for +9%

Creature Overview: Edit

Stats: Edit

1 1093 756 56 82 17

Can be Found: Edit

Evolution Material for: Edit

  • Disciple Of The Fire Magi III
  • Morte, The Ifrit Familiar VIII
  • Aydrien, The Last Sniper VIII
  • Damned Naughty Children IX
  • Zero, The Frostblade Clan Leader IX
  • Dash, The Midnight Horror IX
  • Shogun, The Immortal Samurai IX
  • Giant Lord Of Bugs IX
  • Airus, The Storm Archmage IX
  • Sir Arthur, Paladin Of Silence IX
  • Melinara The Spirits' Interlocutor IX
  • Kenshiro, Leader Of Storm Clan IX
  • Autumn Fallen Avenger IX
  • Keeper Of The Ancient Forests IX
  • Illida, Demon Huntress IX
  • Mexican Spikeshooter IX
  • Airus, The Storm Archmage X
  • Havi, Tree Of Wisdom X
  • Gand, Dead Abbot X
  • Titanic Mountain Troll X
  • Iola, The Windsong X
  • Great Druid Ororo, The Harbinger XI
  • Enchantress Sibilla, The Harbinger XI
  • Vlad Dracula The Harbinger XIII
  • Princess Alaniel, The Harbinger XIII
  • Sir Richard, The Harbinger XIII

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Ugly Imp =Imp+Imp
Fiery Imp =Ugly Imp+Ugly Imp+Swamp Slug+Zombie Archer
Chieftain Imp =Fiery Imp+Fiery Imp+Egg Vampire Small+Swamp Slug+Master Of The Wild Hunt
Infernal Imp =Chieftain Imp+Chieftain Imp+Voracious Slug+White Egg Small+Old Tusked Boar
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