Keeper Of The Ancient Forests
Keeper Of The Ancient Forests
Race Beast
Gender Male
Type Defender
Skill In The Shadow Of The Branch V

(Aura with range 2)

Increases friendly ranged ATK for +35%

Creature Overview: Edit

Stats: Edit

1 920 155 870 33 8

Can be Found: Edit

Evolution Material for: Edit

  • Baked Zombie's Lord VII
  • Brombool, His Fatness VIII
  • Zan Gul, The Dead Ripper IX
  • Ignus, The Hellfire Archmage IX
  • Snowstorm Destroyer IX
  • Kariya, The Great Forest Nymph
  • Vulcania, Lucifer's Inamorata X
  • Mr. Boom, The Crazy Pyrotechnist X
  • Grein The Lightbringer X
  • The Gray-Haired Ape King X
  • Thoroughly Looking Basilisk X
  • Great Druid Ororo, The Harbinger XII
  • Chieftain Graugt, The Harbinger XII
  • Enchantress Sibilla, The Harbinger XII
  • Khan Kergan, The Harbinger XIII

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Living Tree =Sapling+Sapling
Forest Defender =Living Tree+Living Tree+Egg Vampire Small+Animated Amanita
Ant, The Forest Guardian =Forest Defender+Forest Defender+Egg Snake Warrior Small+Swamp Slug+Militant Glowing Mushroom
Keeper Of The Ancient Forests =Ant, The Forest Guardian+Ant, The Forest Guardian+Green Frog+White Egg Small+Dead Pig Bonecrusher
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