Militant Fungus
Militant Fungus
Race Beast
Gender Male
Type Stout
Skill Militant Spores III

(Being attacked)

Summons Militant Fungus near on 2 turns

Creature Overview: Edit

The Militant Fungus is a very nice low level Stout, not only can it takes lots of damage itself, but when attacked summons more smaller tanks nearby, each with a reasonable amount of HP. Summoned units are good for drawing fire from you main army. Although they have low ATK on their own, they can be augmented by the Young Gorilla's ATK aura. The summoned units are also capable of spawning more units.

Stats: Edit

1 2753 149 16 31 100
15 3801 205 22 42 138

Can be Found: Edit

Not Farmable

Evolution Material for: Edit

Forest Beetle-Fighter Cactus Assassin Ophelia Lost In Eternity

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Animated Mushroom =Wild Mushroom+Wild Mushroom
Militant Fungus =Animated Mushroom+Animated Mushroom+Hunter+Yellow Slug
Predatory Mushroom Leader =Militant Fungus+Militant Fungus+Risen From The Grave+Egg Vampire Small+Brown Slug
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