Phosphorus Poison Mushroom
Phosphorus Poison Mushroom
Race Beast
Gender Male
Type Stout
Skill Intoxication IV

(Being attacked)

Damages enemies on 2 tiles around itself with 180 damage

Creature Overview: Edit

The Phosphorus Poison Mushroom's ability, Intoxication, is quite effective in the early stages of the game when enemy HP is still low. Due to being a Stout, the Phosphorus Poison Mushroom has high health and is most effective when facing multiple Ranged units by himself.

Stats: Edit

1 2650 151 19 38 113
15 3710 211 26 53 158

Can be Found: Edit

Not Farmable

Rebirths Into: Edit

Autumn Plant

Evolution Material for: Edit

Giant Troll Avenger Deciduous Destroyer Thoroughly Looking BasiliskIX Kariya, The Great Forest NymphIX Sir Lancelot, Palladin Of LightIX Terros, Stone ArchmageIX Mineko, The Master Of TessenjutsuIX Melinara The Spirits' InterlocutorIX Kenshuro, The Clan Head Of The StormIX Sorceress Morgana, The HarbingerXI

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Phosphorus Mushroom =Glowing Mushroom+Glowing Mushroom
Militant Glowing Mushroom =Phosphorus Mushroom+Phosphorus Mushroom+Young Archer+Blue And Orange Frog
Phosphorus Poison Mushroom =Militant Glowing Mushroom+Militant Glowing Mushroom+Killer Wasp+Purple Slug+Black Frog
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