Prince Of Thieves
Prince Of Thieves
Race Human
Gender Male
Type Attacker
Skill Dodge III

(Being attacked, 27% chance)

Evades attacks of enemies

Creature Overview: Edit

Prince Of Thieves is a light-weight Attacker most suited at flanking enemies while a Defender takes the hits, however Prince Of Thieves can prove difficult to even hit because of his ability, Dodge, in combination with the Water Mage; as well as either or both the Human Set Evade and Attacker Set Mass Attack.

Stats: Edit

1 733 541 42 60 9
15 1012 746 57 82 13

Can be Found: Edit

High chance:

Low chance:

Evolution Material for: Edit

Adept Of Ocean Guild Astral Wanderer Roaring Flame High Priest Instable Warden Rotael, The Punisher Of Fallen Undead Orc's Hero Vlad, Lord Of The Vampires Mr. Boom, Crazy Pyrotechnist

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

A Skilled Thief =The Young Thief+The Young Thief
Prince Of Thieves =A Skilled Thief+A Skilled Thief+Young Wolf+Yellow Slug
Raynar, King Of Thieves =Prince Of Thieves+Prince Of Thieves+Mad Skeleton+Egg Vampire Mal+Brown Slug
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