Queen Hornets
Queen Hornets
Race Beast
Gender Female
Type Ranged
Skill Paralyzing Poison IV

(On attack, 70% chance)

Stuns enemies for 3 turns

Creature Overview: Edit

The Queen Hornets may not have very high stats however its ability, Paralyzing Poison, is capable of stunning enemies for a few turns. Stun is a particularly useful effect, it prevents enemy creatures from attacking, and in addition it also prevents them activating abilities, e.g. Wild Boar's Sharp Fangs.

Stats: Edit

1 353 322 45 26 6
15 494 450 63 36 8

Can be Found: Edit

Not Farmable

Rebirths Into: Edit

Amber Scorpion

Evolution Material for: Edit

Prince Lvov Swift Shohey Frozen Frenetic Sorceress Morgana, The Harbinger Soulless Lilith, The Harbinger Master Adar, The HarbingerXI

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Poison Hornet =Yellow Hornet+Yellow Hornet
Big Poison Hornet =Poison Hornet+Poison Hornet+Dead Archer+Egg Newt Small
Queen Hornets =Big Poison Hornet+Big Poison Hornet+Zombie Archer+Green Egg Small+Purple Slug
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