Queen Of Wasps
Queen Of Wasps
Race Beast
Gender Female
Type Attacker
Skill Sharpened Sting IV

(On attack)

Decreases enemies HP for 60%

Creature Overview: Edit

The Queen Of Wasp's Sharpened Sting ability means, like Girl Ghost Girl, it can deal significant damage to Stout units as well as ignore the defence of Defenders to strike for large damage. However due to it's ability reducing HP instead of outright killing many units, the Queen Of Wasps will likely suffer counterattacks from enemy combatants.

Stats: Edit

1 1030 25 68 49 12
15 1442 35 95 68 16

Can be Found: Edit

Not Farmable

Rebirths Into: Edit

Gargoyle Orcish Witch

Evolution Material for: Edit

Sorcerer's Stone And Steel Lambent Princess Iola, The WindsongIX Vlad Dracula The HarbingerX

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Killer Wasp =Buzzing Wasp+Buzzing Wasp
Bloodthirsty Wasp =Killer Wasp+Killer Wasp+Wolf-Zombies+Egg Warrior Scorpion Small
Queen Of Wasps =Bloodthirsty Wasp+Bloodthirsty Wasp+Animated Amanita+Swamp Slug+Black Frog
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