Queen Widows
Queen Widows
Race Beast
Gender Female
Type Ranged
Skill Call Of Spiderlings V

(On attack, 70% chance)

Summons Queen Small Widows near on 2 turns

Creature Overview: Edit

The Queen Widows has the ability to summon small disposable Queen Small Widows. This effect can prove useful facing off against bosses, summoning small spiders within the boss' attack range will draw attacks away from your other units (this also works in PvP).

Stats: Edit

1 490 499 58 21 8
99 698 711 82 29 11

Can be Found: Edit

Low chance:

Evolution Material for: Edit

Immortal Defender, AbaddonIX Shesemtet, The Ancient SphinxIX Sand Monster Of WeaknessIX Daughter Of Love And DeathIX Sir Arthur, Palladin SilenceX Sir Richard, The HarbingerX Vlad Dracula The HarbingerXI Great Druid Ororo, The HarbingerXII Princess Alaniel, The HarbingerXII

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Black Widow =Young Widow+Young Widow
Old Black Widow =Black Widow+Black Widow+A Skilled Thief+Brown Slug
The Deadly Widow =Old Black Widow+Old Black Widow+Experienced Duelist+Egg Snake Warrior Small+Brown Slug
Queen Widows =The Deadly Widow+The Deadly Widow+Shaking Skeleton+Black Egg Small+Voracious Slug
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