Raynar, King Of Thieves
Raynar, King Of Thieves
Race Human
Gender Male
Type Attacker
Skill Dodge IV

(Being attacked, 33% chance)

Evades attacks of enemies

Creature Overview: Edit

Raynar, King Of Thieves is a light-weight Attacker most suited at flanking enemies while a Defender takes the hits, however Raynar, King Of Thieves can prove difficult to even hit because of his ability, Dodge, in combination with the Water Mage; as well as either or both the Human Set Evade and Attacker Set Mass Attack.

Stats: Edit

1 846 626 48 69 11
15 1185 876 67 96 15

Can be Found: Edit

Low chance:

Rebirths Into: Edit

Postulant White Warrior

Evolution Material for: Edit

Master Of The Order Of The Dead Keeper The Four Winds Herald Of War Grand Guard Khan Kergan, The Harbinger Vlad Dracula The Harbinger

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

A Skilled Thief =The Young Thief+The Young Thief
Prince Of Thieves =A Skilled Thief+A Skilled Thief+Young Wolf+Yellow Slug
Raynar, King Of Thieves =Prince Of Thieves+Prince Of Thieves+Mad Skeleton+Egg Vampire Mal+Brown Slug
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