There are following resources in the game:

- Food (or sometimes Meat) and Rage that you use for fighting. Food are used to enter map levels and rage are used for PvP. They replenish with time: you regain 1 food every 2 minutes, and 1 rage every 30 minutes.

- Gold is a basic resource in the game. Gold is used to Evolve and Fuse units.

- Gems are used to open ruby and amber crypts, items, and other resources.

- Wood, Stone and Glory are used to build your Castle.

- Pal Points, Soulstones and Crystals (fire and dark) are used to open special crypts.

- Life and Void Crystals are used to enter guild Raids.

There are also special resources during seasonal events. These resources are collected during regular PvE battles or awarded in a special seasonal Tournaments. They are stored in army screen. You can use these special resources during seasonal events to open seasonal crypts. Opening a seasonal crypt usually cost 1000 of these resources, but you can open it with 750 gems as well. The special resources are reset between events so use them if you can.

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