Rewards tab located on the left side of the main game screen under the Quests tab. The rewards tab contains certain resources and prizes you'll get throughout the game.

The rewards are stored until you claim them, but if you stack too many rewards, some of them may not be visible. There are 5 type of rewards. Only 20 of the same type are visible at the moment. So you should claim some of them for others to become visible.

The Rewards are sorted in the following order:

  1. Rewards for doing Legend Mine and Elders Shrine Raids.
  2. Rewards for doing Ancient Gardens and Forsaken Shelter Raids. The daily gem rewards for premium, Void crystals for guild raids, creatures for redeeming new friends and other compensations and gifts from devs.
  3. VIP rewards.
  4. Glory rewards for using your warlord by your friends.
  5. Meat rewards from your friends.
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