Soulstones are special resource you use to open Crypts. Some soulstones allow to open certain crypts while others are used to reduce opening cost.

If you open crypt having soulstone in your inventory, the soulstone is expended automatically. Some special crypts don't have corresponding soulstone.

Soultones are kept in your Army screen using army slots. Any number of soulstones can be stored in one army slot. There are 5 types of soulstones, so if you want to keep all of them they will use 5 army slots.

Soulstones Icon Used for Crypts
Fog soulstone
Openning (currency) Stone Crypt
Pal's soulstone
Fog pals soulstone
Decreasing cost Pal's Crypt
Shadow soulstone
Fog shadow soulstone
Openning (currency) Shadow Crypt
Ruby soulstone
Fog ruby soulstone
Decreasing cost Ruby Crypt, Ruby Crypt х5, Elite Ruby Crypt х5
Amber soulstone
Fog amber soulstone
Decreasing cost Amber Crypt, some special crypts.

The primary source of soulstones are win streaks in PvP.

Sometimes you gain one-time soulstone rewards:

  • as a reward for completing map levels;
  • as a reward for buying VIP;
  • you can buy them for gems during special events.
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