The amount of creatures in your army is limited. All your creatures over the limit disapear at 00:00 UTC/GMT +3
Fog armyslot

Chests, Soulstones, Shadows, Evo materials, Boosters, Fruits stay whatsoever until you use them.

At the start of the game you have 50 army slots. You can increase its amount by:

  • Ranking up (+5 army slots as a rank reward)
  • Buying additional slots for gems). +5 slots for 59 gems or +25 for 249 gems. Friday discount (starts at 11:00 UTC/GMT +3) allows you to buy slots at a lower price: +5 slots for 29 gems or +25 for 129 gems.
    Fog armyslot2

Important note!

You can increase your army slots if its total amount under 1400. Then the only way of increasing it is by ranking up.

Here is a little hint:

  • If you are planning to donate to increase army slots - do not postpone.
  • If the total amount of your army is ~1375-1390, then buy 5 slots till you get 1395 and after buy 25, so you can have 1420 slots.
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