Megafusion — when a creature is fused with others of its kind, the XP that the main creature earns is much higher (grants 50% bonus XP and amount increases by doing research in your castle). Megafuse event bonus gives you x2 XP on Sunday and Monday.

Megaevolution — ingredients with max levels make all stats of the new fighter 10% higher (15% higher on Megaevolve event days on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday).

Tier — represents start and end of creature's evolution.

T1 — creatures evolve from grade I to IV (1 — 4 stars)

T2 — creatures evolve from grade II to VI (1 — 5 stars), some creatures evolve to grade XI (10 stars)

T3 — creatures evolve from grade III to XIV (1 — 6 stars + 6 additional stars with each next evolution)

T5 — creatures evolve from grade V to XVII (2 — 7 stars + 7 additional stars with each next evolution)

One stepping — the objective of one stepping is to acquire specific units without using lots of meat or elite find chance. This method os commonly used to find grade III or higher creatures that normally have very low drop rates.

1. Click any stage and enter

2. Press Go one time and kill anything in range, focus the unit you are after before hitting Go if needed

3. If a soul dropped that you wanted keep going and complete the stage

4. If the soul you were after did NOT drop, leave the stage without hitting Go a second time

5. This will refund meat, the friend warlord you brought if any, and the regular elite chance reduction for doing a stage

6. Repeat

As you may have guessed, this tactic will only work on stages where you can kill the unit within one step so not all units can be farmed using this method.

Assassin 2 (Grim Necromancer IV), Potion 3 (Ghost Gorilla III), Revenge 2 (if using items or blue dragon, Ghost Warrior III), On The Other Side 1 (Ghost Gorilla III), Gnalu Village 3 (Bright Swordsman IV), Gnalu Village 2 (Ghost Gorilla IV, Undead Pig III), Over the Abyss 2 (Grim Necromancer IV), Shadow Labirynth 1 (red and green spider IV), Revenge 3 (Phantom Lady III), Turn 1 (Undead Tree III)

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