The Gray-Haired Ape Queen
The Gray-Haired Ape Queen
Race Beast
Gender Female
Type Stout
Skill Feral Spirit V

(Aura with range 1)

Increases friendly beasts ATK for +800

Creature Overview: Edit

Stats: Edit

1 3723 154 23 46 153

Can be Found: Edit

Evolution Material for: Edit

Brombol, His Fatness VII

Rotael, Punisher Of The Fallen VIII

Fenecca, The Redhead Broodmother IX

Harpy, Warden Of Tartarus IX

Al Carr, The Seed Of Volcano IX

Gand, Dead Abbot IX

Deser, Sand King IX

Babrog The Harbinger Of Victory IX

Terros, The Stone Archmage IX

Orcish Colonel X

Circe, The Reality Corruptor X

Daughter Of The Love And Death X

Mineko, The Master Of Tessenjutsu X

Chieftain Graugt, The Harbinger XI

Khan Kergan, The Harbinger XII

Soulless Lilith, The Harbinger XII

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Militant Primate =Young Gorilla+Young Gorilla
Defender Of The Primates =Militant Primate+Militant Primate+Risen From The Grave+Black And Red Frog
Kong Queen =Defender Of The Primates+Defender Of The Primates+Bloodthirsty Wasp+Egg Snake Warrior Small+Purple Slug
The Gray-Haired Ape Queen =Kong Queen+Kong Queen+Elusive Swarm+Green Frog+Boiling Slug
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