Fog trials2

Trials - is a special battles that update everyday where you can get special rewards (elite creatures, fruits, resources, evo-materials etc.) for free. The only requirement is you have to use a certain army (beast army, female army, demon army etc.). This filter doesn't work on your Warlord or Friend's Warlord, so you can choose two stout Warlords or defenders or powerful range Warlords. Trials cost nothing, you don't waste your food. Amount of EXP and gold you get for completing trial is extremely low.

There are 7 trials. First two trials open when you achieve rank 20. Third opens on rank 30, fourth on rank 40, fifth on rank 50, sixth on rank 60 and the last seventh on rank 80. Every trial can vary everyday (i.e. first trail can be a "Lost Ruins" with elite humans reward or "Necropolis" with elite demons reward etc.)

Fog trials

All trials can be divided into 2 types:

1. With guaranteed reward (items, gold, fruits, resources)

2. And trials with elite creatures or shadows that you have to capture. As a compensation for possible capture failure you can complete these kind of trials twice.

Possible trials in each slotsEdit

1st and 4th slotEdit

Trials with requirement to use a certain army, give you chance to capture elite grade II T2 creatures. (or give lots of EXP). Can be completed twice. You can capture from 0 to 10 souls (depends on your luck). If you have in your soul cage not enough souls you can quit trial and try it again. 4th slot can be a trial with elite grade I — III shadows (requirement: male only, can be completed twice) or trial with rare evo-materials (requirement: attackers only, can be completed one time).

2nd and 6th slotEdit

"Heaven Garden" trials. Give you fruits (always 2 fruit +1% or +3%, 100% capture chance, can be completed one time). Everyday the requirement can vary from ranged units to female.

3rd slotEdit

Trials with resources reward (possible rewards: Health Potions, Juicy Meat, Blades of Honor, Iron Shield or 50x meat). Requirement: certain army. Can be completed one time.

5th slotEdit

Requirement: certain army. Possible rewards: 5000 Wood or 3000 Stone, or ~130 000 gold with requirement: female only.

7th slotEdit

Can be any trial except of "Heaven Garden" trial. "Heaven Garden" trial can't be in 7th slot as trials are not repeated. Fruit trials are already in 2nd and 6th slots.

List of trialsEdit

Name Requirement Reward Amount of tries Slots
Wildclaw Hills Humans Beasts grade I T1 2 1, 4, 7
Lost Ruins Demons Humans grade I T1 2 1, 4, 7
Necropolis Beasts Demons grade I T1 2 1, 4, 7
Wildclaw Hills Demons Beasts grade II T2 2 1, 4, 7
Lost Ruins Beasts Humans grade II T2 2 1, 4, 7
Necropolis Humans Demons grade II T2 2 1, 4, 7
Shadow Dance Male Shadows grade I — III 2 4, 7
Timeless Jungle Attackers Rare Evo 1 4, 7
Heaven Garden Female 2 Fruit +1% или +3% 1 2, 6
Heaven Garden Ranged 2 Fruit +1% или +3% 1 2, 6
Legend's Cache Humans 3000 Stone 1 5, 7
Legend's Cache Demons 5000 Wood 1 5, 7
Mystic Treasury Female ~ 130 000 Gold

(+ premium bonus)

1 5, 7
Legend's Cache Humans 5 Health Potions 1 3, 7
Mythic Armoury Beasts 3 Blades of Honor 1 3, 7
Mythic Armoury Demons 3 Iron Shields 1 3, 7
Hell Kitchen Humans 3 Chili 1 3, 7
Hell Kitchen Beasts 3 Juicy Meat 1 3, 7
Hell Kitchen Demons 50 meat 1 3, 7
Divine Treasury Male Lots of Gold 1 5
Wild Wood Beasts/Humans Lots of EXP (creatures) 2 4, 7
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