Triton Cub
Triton Cub
Race Beast
Gender Male
Type Stout
Skill Deadly Lens I

(Aura range 2)

Decreases enemies DEF for 20%

Creature Overview: Edit

The Amber Scorpion is a good tank for PvE, his DEF can continue to grow, particularly effective hitting Defenders. Over time the Amber Scorpion will become a combination of Stout and Defender, giving him high HP, REG and DEF making him a very formidable tank.

Stats: Edit

1 4614 307 33 89 190

Can be Found: Edit

High chance: None

Low chance: The Potion 5/5 x1

Rebirths from: Edit

Carnivorous Amanita

Evolution Material for: Edit

Shesemtet, The Ancient Sphinx XI

Cerberus, Guardian of Hades XI

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Angry Triton =Triton Cub+Triton Cub
Horrific Triton =Angry Triton+Angry Triton+Big Poison Hornet+Brown-Green Frog
Scary Basilisk =Horrific Triton+Horrific Triton+Crazy Cactus+White Egg Small+White Frog
Enraged Basilisk =Scary Basilisk+Scary Basilisk+Predatory Mushroom Leader+

Blue golden frog IX

+Yellow Ooze
Thoroughly Looking BasiliskVIII =Enraged Basilisk+Enraged Basilisk+Orcish Warrior+
Egg Warrior Of ScorpioIX+Black-Red Toad
Thoroughly Looking BasiliskIX =Thoroughly Looking BasiliskVIII+Ancient Horror Of The Darkwood+Phosphorus Poison Mushroom+
Green toadX+Voracious slugX
Basi10 =Thoroughly Looking BasiliskIX+Scorpion Cub+Keeper Of Ancient Forests+
White egg X+White toadX
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