Unique TournamentEdit

Unique Tournament goes 1 — 2 times per month and lasts 5 days. PvP ranking points for victory in Unique Tournament PvP count for "Weekly", "Monthly" rankings and for "Unique Tournament" as well. Amount of Unique Tournament PvP points for victory is the same as you get for victory in regular Tournament but greatly increases for win streaks (3, 6, 9 etc.)

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Unlike regular Tournament you can get Unique Tournament PvP points any number of times. You receive rewards everyday but points reset only in the end of tournament. Reward you get depends on your current league and place. There are 5 leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

At the start of Unique Tournament all players get to Bronze League and split to groups by 30 players. Players form groups according to their log in time (it means that regualar players who play often have higher chance to get in group with strong players).

Everyday TOP10 players of each League (except of Bronze) move to higher league and 10 players with less amount of points move to lower league. Other 10 players stay in the same league. In Bronze league 10 players move to Silver and 20 stay in.

Groups shuffle as players move to another league.

Rewards based on Unique Tournament type. Rewards for TOP5 in regular unique tournaments are rare creatures (for 1st place in Bronze league grade III T3 creature, for 2nd place grade III T2 creature, for 3 — 5 places grade II T2 creature), for TOP6 — 30Rage Potions and Chili. Rewards for TOP6 — 30 in Diamond League are gems (~150 gems). Rewards for any TOP in Special Event Unique Tournament are event currency (e.g. lolipops, cakes etc.)

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