Vlad, Lord Of The Vampires
Vlad, Lord Of The Vampires
Race Deamon
Gender Male
Type Attacker
Skill Kiss Of Death V

(On attack)

Steals 29% HP from enemies

Creature Overview: Edit

Vlad, Lord Of The Vampires heals from every attack he makes, this makes him great at keeping himself alive or bringing him back from the brink of death by attacking weaker targets.

Stats: Edit

1 1636 828 70 76 16
99 2332 1179 99 108 22

Can be Found: Edit

Low chance:

Evolution Material for: Edit

Immortal King Of The ApesIX Sir Lancelot, Palladin Of LightIX Shesemtet, The Ancient SphinxX Chieftain Graugt, The Harbinger Sir Richard, The HarbingerXI Souless Lilith, The HarbingerXII Sorceress Morgana, The HarbingerXII

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Adept Of The Order Of Blood =Vampire+Vampire
Damn Leech =Adept Of The Order Of Blood+Adept Of The Order Of Blood+A Skilled Hunter+Swamp Slug
Immortal Nosferatu =Damn Leech+Damn Leech+Old Tusked Boar+Egg Vampire Small+Brown Slug
Vlad, Lord Of The Vampires =Immortal Nosferatu+Immortal Nosferatu+Prince Of Thieves+Voracious Slug+White Egg Small
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