Volkolak Cannibal
Volkolak Cannibal
Race Beast
Gender Male
Type Attacker
Skill Double Bite III

(On attack, 45% chance)

Attacks enemies 2 times per turn

Creature Overview: Edit

Volkolak Cannibal is a cheap, low-level Attacker, although not that strong by itself, in combination with Graugt's aura is capable of 4 attacks per turn. Wolves also frequent many of the game's areas; making them very easy to collect in number to be Reborn into Lions.

Stats: Edit

1 796 563 42 55 9
15 1099 777 57 75 12

Can be Found: Edit

High chance:

Low chance:

Evolution Material for: Edit

Adept Of Guild Of Flame Angry Entangle Arachnid Horrible Rusty Giant Richard The Dark Lion Kergan The Desert Adar The Flame Master Vlad The Blood Prince Graugt The Bone Crusher Sylvan Sniper Alaniel Morgana The Deadwood Witch Druid Ororo The Magical Tomer Fallen Lilith The Stillborn

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Wolf Dark Thicket =Young Wolf+Young Wolf
Volkolak Cannibal =Wolf Dark Thicket+Wolf Dark Thicket+Green Egg Mal
Akella, Unchallenged Leader =Volkolak Cannibal+Volkolak Cannibal+Animated Mushroom+Purple Slug+Black And Red Frog
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