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Basic InformationEdit

On this page you can find out how to upgrade Warlord and how to get maximum elite %. Visit evolution page to find out how to evolve.

For mega evolution you have to:

  • Use a side material creature for evolution with maximum level (for each grade maximum level is different: 15, 25, 40, 55, 75, 99, 130, 170, 220, 270, etc.)
  • Use elite creatures (creatures with gold 'plus' sign)
  • Evolve your creature on "Mega Evolve Day" event (+5% to stats)

Note: Using reset option always transforms your Warlord to rank VI, 0/40, Mega 15%.

Tip: By using the Citadel, you can make evolution easier by reducing the evolve price of the same race your Warlord is.

From Grade VI to VII, Evolution will cost 352K gold.Edit

Adar =Volkolak Cannibal+Cunning Trapper+Brown-Green Frog+Egg Snake Warrior Small
Alaniel =Volkolak Cannibal+Zombie Archer+Brown-Green Frog+Egg Snake Warrior Small
Graugt =Volkolak Cannibal+Imperial Archer+Brown-Green Frog+Egg Snake Warrior Small
Kergan =Volkolak Cannibal+Fencing Master+Brown-Green Frog+Egg Snake Warrior Small
Morgana =Volkolak Cannibal+Poison Hornet+Brown-Green Frog+Egg Snake Warrior Small
Richard =Volkolak Cannibal+A Skilled Thief+Brown-Green Frog+Egg Snake Warrior Small
Vlad =Volkolak Cannibal+Killer Wasp+Brown-Green Frog+Egg Snake Warrior Small

From Grade VII to Grade VIII, Required Rank being 30, Evolution will cost 1.96M gold. Edit

Adar =Horrible Flower Monster+Defender Monkey Packs+Brown SlugIX+Black And Red ToadIX
Alaniel =Horrible Flower Monster+Ancient Preacher+Brown SlugIX+Black And Red ToadIX
Graugt =Defender Forest+Defender Darkshire+Black And Red ToadIX+Egg Warrior Of ScorpioIX
Kergan =Angry Oxidizing Spider+Angry Entangle Spider+Black And Red ToadIX+Egg Warrior Of ScorpioIX
Morgana =Angry Oxidizing Spider+Old Black Widow+Brown SlugIX+Egg Warrior Of ScorpioIX
Richard =Damn Leech+Ancient Preacher+Brown SlugIX+Egg Warrior Of ScorpioIX
Vlad =Beyonder Lady+Elf Sniper+Black And Red ToadIX+Egg Warrior Of ScorpioIX

From Grade VIII to Grade IX, Required Rank being 60, Evolution will cost 6M gold. Edit

Adar =King Kong+Archer Green Thicket+Black ToadX+Boiling SlugX
Alaniel =Restless Phantom Lady+Flower Giant Killer+Black ToadX+Boiling SlugX
Graugt =Immortal Nosferatu+Huorn, Guardian Thickets+Black ToadX+Black EggX
Kergan =Giant Plant-Killer+Angry Entangle Arachnid+Black ToadX+Black EggX
Morgana =Flower Giant Killer+Rusty Arachnid+Boiling SlugX+Black EggX
Richard =The Deadly Widow+High Priest+Boiling SlugX+Black EggX
Vlad =Elite Orc Warrior+Cactus Assassin+Boiling SlugX+Black EggX

From Grade IX to Grade X, Required Rank being 90, Evolution will cost 21M gold. Edit

Adar =Till, Archon of the Wild Hunt+Aydrien, Last Sniper+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Ooze
Alaniel =Archibald, Bloodless Sniper+Ophelia Lost In Eternity+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Ooze
Graugt =Wilhelm, One-Eyed Sniper+Vlad, Lord Of The Vampires+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg
Kergan =Raynar, King Of Thieves+Distraught General Rostock+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg
Morgana =Queen Hornets+Distraught Colonel Flower+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Egg
Richard =Akella, Unchallenged Leader+Queen Widows+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Egg
Vlad =Queen Of Wasps+Orc General+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Egg

From Grade X to Grade XI, Required Rank being 100, Evolution will cost 32M gold. Edit

Adar =Queen Hornets+Undead Orcish Hero+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg
Alaniel =White Fang, Immortal Leader+Distraught General Rostock+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg
Graugt =Fanged Ripper+The Gray-Haired Ape Queen+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Ooze
Kergan =Ghost Bringer Death+Aydrien, The Last Sniper+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Ooze
Morgana =Phosphorus Poison Mushroom+Ophelia Lost In Eternity+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg
Richard =Wild Toothed Boar+Vlad, Lord Of The Vampires+Rainbow Toad+Rainbow Egg
Vlad =Raynar, King Of Thieves+Queen Widows+Rainbow Ooze+Rainbow Egg
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