Warrior of Light
Warrior of light
Race Human
Gender Male
Type Defender
Skill Shield of Light I


Friendly human block 90 damage of enemies attack, with 20% chance

Creature Overview: Edit

White Warrior is a strong Human Defender, his ability Shield can reduce the damage received by nearby Humans. As Shield is applied after damage calculation this reduction greatly reduces damage received, for Defenders this can turn minimal damage into next to nothing, making them nearly impossible to bring down without the aid of piercing (Corroding Web Spider) or life shearing effects (Phantom Girl).

Stats: Edit

1 907 337 887 73 8

Can be Found: Edit

High chance: None

Low chance:

Rebirths from: Edit

Raynar, King of Thieves

Raynar, King Of Thieves

Evolution Material for: Edit

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Bright swordsman =Warrior of light+Warrior of light
White Knight =Bright swordsman+Bright swordsman+Master Of The Wild Hunt+Swamp Slug
Defender Of Light =White Knight+White Knight+Adept Of The Order Of Blood+Voracious Slug+White Frog
Master Of The Order Of Light =Defender Of Light+Defender Of Light+Wild Toothed Boar+

Yellow orange frogIX

+Yellow Ooze
Sir Lancelot, Palladin Of Light =Master Of The Order Of Light+Master Of The Order Of Light+Ancient Preacher+
Snake Warrior EggIX+Brown green toad IX
Sir Lancelot, Palladin Of LightIX =Sir Lancelot, Palladin Of Light+Vlad, Lord Of The Vampires+Phosphorus Poison Mushroom+
Black ToadX+Swamp slugIX
Human lancelot =Sir Lancelot, Palladin Of LightIX+Vengeful Hobgoblin+Amber Scorpion+
Brown SlugIX+Snake Warrior EggIX
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