Wind Ninja
Wind Ninja
Race Human
Gender Male
Type Attacker
Skill Wind of the Life I

(On attack)

Increase ATK for 120% of target's ATK

Creature Overview: Edit

The Wind Ninja's specialty is eliminating enemy Attackers. The Wind Ninja's high SPD and ability, Wind Of Live, allows him to strike first and deal significant damage to units with high ATK stats.

Stats: Edit

1 1394 1150 77 146 17

Can be Found: Edit

High chance: None

Low chance: None

Rebirths from: Edit

Till, archon of the wild:

Till, Archon of the Wild Hunt

Evolution Material for: Edit

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Ninja of the winds =Wind Ninja+Wind Ninja
Cloud Shinobi =Ninja of the winds+Ninja of the winds+Dead Pig Bonecrusher+Green Egg Small
Genin of the wind breath =Cloud Shinobi+Cloud Shinobi+Crazy Flower+Voracious Slug+Green Frog
Kunin Storm Storms =Genin of the wind breath+Genin of the wind breath+Ghost Bringer Death+

Yellow orange frogIX

+Blue Slug X
Kenshiro leader of the storm clan =Kunin Storm Storms+Kunin Storm Storms+Elf Sniper+
Snake Warrior EggIX+White toadX
Kenshiro9 =Kenshiro leader of the storm clan+Infernal Imp+Phosphorus Poison Mushroom+
Snake Warrior EggIX+Brown SlugIX
Kenshiro10 =Kenshiro9+Vengeful Hobgoblin+Disciple Of The Dark Magi+
White toadX+Black EggX
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